About Us

Welcome to Brown + Blonde

We know the power good storytelling can have. Use it to drive compelling ads, and you have that powerhouse combination that motivates people to act.

Who Are We

A passionate and award winning team that embraces an active lifestyle. Travel, food, sun and water all remain at the top of the list.

Our Mission

To exceed our customers’ expectations via transparency, speed and compassion for their advertising pain points. 

What We Do

We build ad campaigns with the right story. It’s incredible the way it opens up people’s minds and gets them to take action.

Our Story

We come from the agency world. Co-editing the Magnum Ice Cream short that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Working on the clay animation video for AT&T’s partnership with American Idol. Taking the lead on the award-winning Art of Performance Tour for Jaguar. Stories are what drive us. They are behind the awards we’re most proud of – Adweek’s Media Plan of the Year (Branded Content/Entertainment), Telly Awards, a Grand Prix (Innovation in Media), just to name some of our shiniest.

Honestly, when you see what can happen when you build ad campaigns with the right story, the way it opens up people’s minds, gets them to take action, to try something new, to feel different, it gets in your blood.

So, we followed the calling.

In 2018, media producer David Gater and creative strategist (and amazing wife!) Audrey Gater teamed up to create Brown + Blonde. These two have been working in the advertising space for over a decade, working in NYC, London, and Sydney, and helping the world go round with their digital marketing and creative work for brands ranging from Axe to Amex.

Welcome to Brown + Blonde.

Let’s create something phenomenal together.

Our Process


Research + Discovery

Every campaign starts with a clean slate. Zero assumptions. Zero bull. We go deep into your brand, your audience, and what your event experience is all about. This in-depth discovery is the foundation. From here, we deliver an ad campaign that will speak directly to your target audience.


Strategy Blueprint

Building a results-driven campaign isn’t about throwing together some generic steps and implementing them. We lay it all out on the table – the details of your target audience, messenger bot development, ads management, creative, and how it all comes together. Transparent, dynamic, and crystal clear – that’s the type of blueprint that gets the hardcore results.


Testing + Refinement

The thing about perfect is, you’ve always got another step in front of you before you reach it. And, we’ll get you as close to the perfect ad campaign for your event experience as possible. We test, we refine, and we keep going until it’s phenomenal.


Deployment + Optimization

Once your ad campaign is making waves, we’re still on top of it, tracking its progress, optimizing it for performance, and keeping you in the loop with reporting and recommendations.

Meet the Team



David’s been developing branded content for clients for over 10 years, working on projects for mega-brands, brilliant startups, and major media companies, but he still has that burning passion for those smaller, more intimate companies that move mountains.

You can throw anything at him – a trailer for Land Rover, a social media campaign featuring John Legend, post-production for a Degree commercial – no sweat.

He’s got a sparkly trophy chest of awards to his name, including Adweek’s Media Plan of the Year and three Telly Awards, but what really keeps this guy awake at night is opening up people’s minds with the immense power of storytelling through the most humble of mediums: digital ads.

And when he’s not poring over data you can find him volunteering at a Koala Wildlife Sanctuary.



Audrey brings the heart and soul of Brown + Blonde to life. She has over a decade of hands-on experience on both the agency and brand sides and has created award-winning branded content campaigns. Her focus is on helping clients turn their ideas into multi-platform, high-quality content that converts.

With experience in professional photography and producing numerous campaigns for television, Audrey loves telling visual stories that transport people to a different world. She’s passionate about designing innovative ads that can connect with audiences on a deep level, building brand loyalty and infusing meaning into her clients’ campaigns in the most surprising of ways.

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We know the power good storytelling can have. Use it to drive compelling ads, and you have that powerhouse combination that motivates people to act.